Rémi Chéno, O.P.

20120130 Rémi Tunis petitRémi Chéno is French and lives in France.

Born in 1959, he is a Dominican priest. He has been a student chaplain at the French “Grandes écoles”. He has a PhD in theology from the University of Strasbourg, and has been teaching dogmatic theology in the Faculty of theology at the Catholic University of the West (Angers, France) and was a member of the research team EA 4377 (Catholic theology and religious sciences). He was also the head of the PhD studies in this faculty.

Rémi Chéno is specialized in ecclesiology, and lated devoted his research to pneumatology and eschatology. His works now focus more on (Christian) theology of religions.

He was general secretary for IDEO between October 2014 and December 2020.