Newsletter March-April 2023

Miniature tirée de : ‘Les meilleures sentences et les plus précieux dictons’ d’al-Mubashir 13ᵉ s., conservé au Palais de Topkapi à İstanbul.

For several years, the IDEO has been offering scholarships to allow students to benefit from the framework and the resources of our Institute for their research on the Islamic heritage and to improve their level of classical Arabic. These scholarships are often offered in partnership with other institutions: the IFAO, of course, which has been a natural partner since the birth of the IDEO, to the point that, in the past, the brothers have been attached to it as researchers. This year, we welcome Mr. Flavio Canuzzi, whose serious research is a great pleasure. We are also offering scholarships with other partners. Recently, as part of the UMIFRE Middle East, Near East, Egypt, Sudan and Americas of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (DDI/ESR), we welcome for three months Ms. Aïmana Assoumani. We are also in contact with the new French Institute for Islamic studies in order to explore new scholarships to support students in the development of a strong PhD project. We also plan to create post-doctoral scholarships, especially for text editing and translations. We hope to tell you more about these scholarships soon.

Lectures and talks

On March 8ᵗʰ, Mr. Guillaume de Vaulx gave a talk entitled “Theological issues in zoology and zoological issues in theology”, during the monthly seminar “Medieval Islam” organized by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris.

On March 30ᵗʰ, Jean Druel, OP gave a lecture entitled “The Arabic language, human language, language of God”. This lecture took place at the IDEO in partnership with the French-speaking association Caire Accueil.

Study day

On March 15, Jean Druel, OP organized a study day in Paris, led by Mr. Gordon Dunsire, on the cataloguing of analog and digital archives according to the IFLA-LRM/RDA model.


On March 14ᵗʰ, Emmanuel Pisani, OP led a seminar at the al-Azhar Center for the Teaching of the French Language (CEF) on the contribution of Islamic studies to the teaching of Islam in Europe based on the work and experience of Hisham Abd el-Gawad.


On March 30ᵗʰ, Emmanuel Pisani, OP met with the head of the sub-directorate of the French Ministry of the Interior, following the publication of the book Renouveau et dynamiques de l’islamologie en Europe (Cerf, 2023), which he co-edited with Ms. Zohra Aziadé Zemirli.

IDEO’s library

On March 9ᵗʰ, nine pallets of books from the personal library of Maxime Rodinson left the French National Library (BnF) for Cairo. On the same day, another pallet of books, from the library of Emilio Platti, OP left the Dominican priory of the Annunciation in Paris for Cairo. These books will be integrated in the IDEO’s library collection.

On March 9ᵗʰ, Ms. Engy Elgammal, cataloging director at the IDEO’s library, welcomed Ms. Rania Osman, from the Library of Alexandria, and national representative in the RDA Committee for Africa. The purpose of this visit was to discuss how our cataloging system has been developed and updated to cope with the new rules of cataloging based on the IFLA-LRM model.

On March 13ᵗʰ, Ms. Engy Elgammal welcomed a group of 18 students from the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University. They came as part of a full day of training on our cataloging system Diamond. Their graduation projects focus on their experiences in our library and how we use the new RDA rules in our system.


On March 7ᵗʰ, a framework agreement was signed with the IFAO in order to reinforce the cooperation links between our two institutions in the upgrading of excellent research in Islamic studies.


On March 1ˢᵗ, Mr. Guillaume de Vaulx was appointed executive coordinator of the Institute of Islamic studies at the University of Strasbourg.

Call for applications

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the UMIFRE network, in partnership with the IDEO, support young researchers in Islamic Studies by providing three-month scholarships for Master’s students wishing to pursue research in this field. For more information (in French)…

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the UMIFRE network, in partnership with the IDEO, support young researchers in Islamic Studies by providing six-month scholarships for PhD students and young doctors who are pursuing research in this field. For more information (in French)…


On March 13ᵗʰ, we welcomed Mrs. Brigitte Lefebvre-Elsamman who gave us a copy of her book dedicated to Mr. Aly Elsamman, a man of dialogue and a pioneer in interreligious encounter between Christians, Muslims and Jews.

On March 22ⁿᵈ, we welcomed Mr. Sébastien Riault, the new director of IFAO’s editorial department.

On March 26ᵗʰ, we welcomed for lunch Mr. Adel Guirguis and his daughter Ms. Yasmin Guirguis, from United Trans S. A. E., which handles the transfer of the pallets of books from France.

Scholars’ House

During the month of March, we had the pleasure to receive Mr. Sami Benkherfallah, PhD student in medieval history at the University of Poitiers; Ms. Marie Neron Bancel and Mr. Bruno Meltzheim, who are in charge of the youth division at the French NGO Œuvre d’Orient; Ms. Rocio Daga, professor of Islamic studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich accompanied by a group of three students; Ms. Aïmana Assoumani, in a three-month stay within the framework of the Islamic studies scholarship of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs; and Mr. Robin Schmahl, PhD student in modern Egyptian history at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient at the Freie Universität in Berlin, and on a doctoral exchange program with the American University in Cairo.


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Upcoming activities

On April 27, Adrien Candiard, OP will give a lecture entitled “In dialogue, what to do with tough authors? Islamic-Christian dialogue challenged by Ibn Taymiyya”. This lecture will take place at the Maurice Borrmans Library of the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI) in Rome. To participate in the lecture, pre-registration is required at .