Newsletter — September 2020

Dear friends,

We hope that the developments of the health crisis do not disrupt your activities too much.

Circumstances force us to organize our next conference online. Dedicated to recitation (among Copts, Syriacs and Muslims), it will take place on October 16ᵗʰ, 17ᵗʰ and 18ᵗʰ. Please contact us to register and receive the links for the Zoom sessions. Registration is free and the program is available here…

We hope that many of you will register!


On September 3ʳᵈ, Ahmad Wagih gave an online lecture at the invitation of Tasees Center (Khartoum). The lecture was entitled “Commentary of Risāla fī ḥaqīqat al-taʾwīl by ʿAbd al-Raḥmān b. Yaḥyā al-Muʿallimī al-Yamānī (d. 1967)”. Click here to listen to the lecture in Arabic on Youtube…

On September 9ᵗʰ, Dennis Halft, OP gave an online lecture entitled “A Shīʿī Muslim Translation and Interpretation of the Gospels from Early Nineteenth Century Iran” at the international conference “Reading the Gospels in Islamic Context”, organized by the Centre for Islamic-Christian Studies in Oxford. Click here to watch the lecture in English (from the 52ⁿᵈ minute)…

Habilitation Jury

On September 16ᵗʰ, Mr. Michel Younès obtained his habilitation from the École pratique des hautes études. The title of his thesis was: “Christian Approaches to Islam”. Dominique Avon was the supervisor and the jury was composed of Mohamed-Ali Amir-Moezzi, Chantal Verdeil, Michel Fourcade, Pierre Lory and Gabriel Reynolds.


From September 14ᵗʰ‒22ⁿᵈ, René-Vincent du Grandlaunay, OP was at the Vatican Library to finalize our cooperation agreement with them. As part of this agreement, the Vatican Library will catalog its Christian and Islamic Arabic manuscripts in the AlKindi database managed by the IDEO (Diamond software).


On September 18ᵗʰ, we welcomed a group of researchers from the Center for Papyrus and Inscriptions Studies at the Ayn Shams University.

On September 24ᵗʰ, we welcomed for lunch Mr. François Legué, First Counsellor of the French Embassy, and Mrs. Camille Thiébaut, from the political section.

On September 29ᵗʰ, we welcomed for lunch Mr. Frédéric Petit, deputy for the French citizens abroad, and Mrs. Maxine Guérault, administrator of the French National Assembly.


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